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MI-BOX San Diego covers the county of San Diego and facilitates statewide and national moves.

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 MI-BOX LeveLift System

More Uses for MI-BOX:

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Keep your valuables, heirlooms, legal documents, important papers, and any essentials separate and keep them with you when you move. While storage pods and containers are a safe way to move your things, it's better not to chance the loss or damage of such items. 

Important Stuff

 MI-BOX Moving Tips and HACKS

If you're new to the portable storage concept then you may have some questions. Maybe you just want to know how to make your move as smooth as possible? Here are some moving and storage tips and "hacks" for making you a portable storage expert!

Ordering, Scheduling & Delivery

Portable Storage Container Ordering Tips

  • MI-BOX offers three container sizes which can be mix-and-matched for your move

  • One 8X'16'X8' MI-BOX holds approximately a 1000 square foot home

  • We offer FREE IN-HOME Consultations to help determine the right size container

Scheduling Tips 

  • Delivery days and times fill fast, order early.  Everyone wants the weekend!

  • Schedule your delivery a day before you plan to load your storage container/ unit

Delivery Tips

  • Save parking spaces for the truck to maneuver

  • Think about which way you want the door to face on your MI-BOX container

    • Front Facing = container faces the street​

    • Rear Facing = container faces the garage 

  • Don't block your car (or someone else's), yes... it's happened 

Packing and Loading 

Loading your MI-BOX Storage Container

Create a wall:

  • Pack items from floor to ceiling, creating wall-like layers until they reach the top of the MI-BOX container

  • Pack boxes and other items tightly to avoid shifting and to evenly distribute weight

  • Build a sturdy wall of boxes along one side or end of the container

Distribute weight:​

  • When loading boxes and other items, such as furniture, distribute the weight evenly from end-to-end and side-to-side

  • Start with some of the heavier items, such as appliances and furniture, on the bottom in the center of the container

  • if you can't get proper weight distribution with your items, place the heaviest items in the center of the storage container and the lighter items on top

Fill and maximize space, and provide stability:

  • Fill any open spaces with boxes and other small items to provide stability

  • If there is extra space between the top of the boxes and the unit's ceiling, place soft items on top of the boxes, such as bags of clothing or linens

  • Odd-shaped items, such as bikes, can go on top of boxes or near the doors. 

  • Remove the legs from furniture and stand large items such as couches on end to maximize space

  • If you have a mattress to load, load it last to finish off the last layer of stability

Fragile and Extra Care Packing

Clothing, newspaper, and pillows work well to cushion fragile items. Wrap glass, televisions, and other fragile items in furniture blankets, pads or bubble wrap. Furniture blankets and pads also work well to protect wood surfaces and corners. Cover appliances and furniture with moving blankets; MI-BOX has furniture blankets available. Wrap couches, mattresses, and other soft furniture with stretch wrap, also available from MI-BOX.

MI-BOX storage containers have points to install loading straps. Use these whenever possible to secure the items inside the unit and to prevent load shift, but don't apply force when securing the straps or you may damage your items. Be sure to secure the last section near the doors with loading straps to secure the items and prevent the items from disrupting the door's operation.  

For mold, mildew, and odor control, consider using moisture absorbers inside the your storage container. These are available from MI-BOX.

Keep your storage container safe from theft by locking it whenever it is unattended. You can purchase a lock from MI-BOX and have it delivered with your portable storage container. 


  • Get rid of everything you don't need

  • Sort things by category

  • Schedule a free donation

  • Set aside stuff to sell

  • Research professional moving companies

  • Pick the right moving day

  • Map out the best way to get to new home

  • Create a Master moving to-do list

  • Put moving tasks on your calendar

  • Get moving boxes from your liquor store

  • Use original boxes for electronics

  • Go to the hardware store

  • Grab extra packing and moving supplies

  • Schedule service disconnect times

  • Call in your favors early from friends & family

  • Pack ahead

  • Pack decorative items a few weeks out

  • Change your address a week before you move

  • Label moving boxes like a boss

  • Create a number system

  • Use small boxes for heavy items

  • Use packing tape

  • Protect fragile items with packing paper, bubble wrap or blankets. Available at MI-BOX

  • Pack dishes vertically

  • Cover the tops of toiletry bottles with saran wrap

  • Pack a clear plastic box with things you'll need right away

  • Pack a personal overnight bag

  • Stop buying groceries a week before you leave

  • Take pictures of how your electronics are setup

  • Put your storage bins and luggage to use

  • Make copies of important papers

  • Set aside cleaning supplies for moving day

  • Defrost your fridge at least one day before move

  • Load boxes from the same room together

  • Take pictures of your new home before you move in, this applies primarily for renters only

  • Delegate tasks when you're unloading your MI-BOX

  • Keep Ziploc bags handy for things like tiny screws, brackets, doorknobs, or other forgettable items

  • Make your bed first, you'll thank us later

  • Be a good host, take care of the people that help you, regardless of whether or not they're being paid to do it. It goes a long way! We recommend pizza  :-)