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MI-BOX San Diego covers the county of San Diego and facilitates statewide and national moves.

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Using a MI-BOX portable storage unit

Have a moving unit delivered to your door...take a moment or two and take a break while you load, there is no rush! Load at your own pace and convenience and at ground level! No ramps or mechanical lifts to worry about, just walk right in! Don't want the stress and need help packing?? We partner with people that do just that! You are going to like our container...spiffy on the inside just like the outside!! Don't settle for a wood crate box covered with a tarp, or a storage container with exposed wood beams on the inside that can snag a piece of furniture or an article of clothing...MI-BOX San Diego is smooooooth inside and out!!

MI-BOX is a mobile moving and storage company locally owned & operated in San Diego County, CA. Mobile moving and storage means we deliver a self storage unit to your location, similar to other mobile self storage units but without the hassle and high price.

We pride ourselves on responsive customer service, affordable pricing and flexible scheduling. Our patented LeveLift system helps to protect your items by staying level during the pickup and delivery process. MI-BOX containers are made in the United States of high quality steel and designed to protect your items from the elements, including water & sun damage. MI-BOX is the perfect solution for your moving or storage container needs!

One simple call and you'll have our portable storage units delivered to your home or business. MI-BOX will place it where its most convenient for you. There is no need to rent moving trucks. MI-BOX does all the driving for you. Take all the time you need to load anything you want to move or store into our mobile storage containers. Once you have it filled, MI-BOX will pick it up and deliver it to your new home or we can store it for you at our self storage location in San Diego. Don't feel like loading it? We partner with local Pack-Out companies that will wrap, package, and box your contents as well as load them into the Mi-BOX. Ask about our pack out moving partners when making the call.

MI-BOX Moving & Storage in San Diego has 8', 16', and 20' mobile storage containers. Compare the national brand name companies to MI-BOX before you book your next portable storage unit. Get the additional space you need. Get the convenience of having the portable storage unit right outside your home. Get the savings of not having to rent a moving truck. Get a local moving & storage company that calls San Diego HOME! Get great prices and service from our friendly staff. Get the box scheduled for delivery or pickup in the following day(s), not on a waiting list weeks from now!

How MI-BOX works:

We deliver a portable storage unit to your home or any other location you'd like in our service area.

STEP ONE: Schedule your delivery a day or days before you plan to load your storage unit.

STEP TWO: Load your container at your own pace, take as much time as convenient for you to load your MI-BOX.

STEP THREE: Schedule a pickup for storage or to have MI-BOX move your container to a new location.

Looking for long term on site problem! Keep the MI-BOX where you have it as long as you'd like.


MI-BOX Storage containers provide you with a smarter way to store your contents. Perhaps your having some construction work done and need a safe place for your things. Maybe you've outgrown your home or garage, and need outdoor storage without having to haul things back and forth to some overpriced off-site self-storage warehouse. Whatever your situation, MI-BOX is the perfect solution for your short or long-term storage needs.


If you're moving across town, down the street or into storage, choosing MI-BOX for your moving service will make the experience better than it has ever been. Having the freedom of packing at your own pace, on your time-table and to your standards makes moving easier than ever! MI-BOX does all of the driving leaving the hassles behind.


Maybe you have a recent loss of a friend or loved one and have to liquidate or store their items. MI-BOX helps relieve some of the stress during such an unfortunate time. We are here for you when you need to just store the items away to process at a later date or move the box to a location of your choice so you can deal with it at your convenience. You can process the contents as needed and set the box up to be delivered to an estate sale location of choice.

Why Choose MI-BOX?

-American Made, secure, sturdy, steel-framed containers protect your stored items -Smooth interior walls look just like the outside wall so you can put your furniture right up against the wall -Easily access your items with on-site storage -Container can be delivered on a date of your choice and readily available -Secure storage locations allow for convenient storage and easy access -Storage unit is delivered to you - no need to drive to a storage facility after storing, your belongings can be moved where you need them -Blends in well in your neighborhood with a touch of class unlike many of the others -It is not a wood box covered with a promotional tarp that gets weathered and leaks -Professional drivers who know the limitations and what it takes to place a box -Easy to use roll up door

Customer Service Philosophy

MI-BOX of San Diego believes that our business is to deliver more than portable storage containers, it is to deliver an positive memorable experience to our customers they never expected from a moving and storage company. The opportunity to exceed our customers expectations is in everything we do and the core of our business. Highest ranking customer service is provided from one of our four team members who take pride in the job they do and the service they provide!

We look forward to being you next storage/moving service provider...

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MI-BOX of San Diego is a service provider for:

Construction Companies Active Duty Military Storage Home Staging Companies Downsizing / Liquidation Companies Realtors Medical Industry Vendor Support Emergency Restoration Companies Home / Business Organization Companies Non-Profit Groups Business Remodel Companies Schools & College Sports Teams Gear Storage during the off season Donations Collections agencies and many more!!